Indiana University Bloomington


  • Congratulations to IU Egyptology alumna Lingxin Zhang (MA 2014), who won "Best Student Paper" at the annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt in Tucson, on April 21. Lingxin spoke about a Demotic astrological papyrus, which will be the subject of her Ph.D. dissertation at Johns Hopkins.
  • Congratulations to IU Egyptology alumna Hilo Sugita (MA 2016), who has won both the Indiana University Graduate School "Distinguished Master's Thesis" prize and the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools "Distinguished Master's Thesis" award, for her thesis, Uncovering the Dead: An Extensive Study of the Late Period Coffin Lid of Qnw-pw-s at the Indiana University Art Museum.
  • A cenotaph ("mahat chapel") of Mentuhotep II has bee discovered beneath a house at Abydos. Read more at the Luxor Times Magazine.
  • An entire lost city has been discovered near Rosetta in the Egyptian Delta. The city dates to the Roman period and was discovered with magnetomic surveying. Read more at Al Ahram.
  • Spanish archaeologists have discovered an intact tomb near Aswan, with nine mummies. Read more in the Luxor Times and in the Cairo Post
  • Three coffins dating from the Third Intermediate Period have been discovered at Saqqara, in the area of the Temple of Bastet (Bubastieion).