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Research Resources

The following is a list of important on-line resources for intermediate and advanced research in Egyptian language, history, archaeology and religion. Please contact us if you discover broken links or if you would like to suggest other resources.

Language and Texts

  • Ancient Egyptian Language:
    Very useful for beginning and intermediate students; a valuable resource with grammatical analyses of many commonly-read Middle Egyptian texts, including exhaustive references to most standard grammars of Middle Egyptian. A good tool for finding various ideas on the interpretation of difficult passages.
    A portal for a number of projects that provide digital images, searchable texts, and comprehensive information on papyrus documents from Egypt, both in Greek and in ancient Egyptian scripts, particularly Demotic.
  • The Pyramid Texts:
    On-line version of Kurt Sethe’s standard hieroglyphic edition of the Pyramid Texts. From the University of Chicago.
  • Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae:

    On-line edition of thousands of Egyptian texts, literary, religious and royal, from all historical stages, including Demotic, and a searchable on-line dictionary. Texts are presented in transliteration and in German translation. Individual words are linked to the on-line dictionary, and definitions are presented in both English and German. Viewers can also view the digitalized slips used to compile the original Woerterbuch der Aegyptischen Sprache. A vital resource, although it requires knowledge of German to use to its full potential.

  • Trismegistos:

    A portal for textual and epigraphic resources in Egypt from c. 800 BCE to c. 800 CE. Databases include people, places, archives, and current bibliography.

  • Urkunden des aegyptischen Altertums:

    Text editions of many of the most important historical and religious texts from the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Twenty-Fifth Dynasty and Graeco-Roman Period. Most volumes are downloadable in .pdf format.

  • Early volumes of the Biblotheca Aegyptiaca on-line:

    Downloadable .pdf copies of early volumes of this series, which provided text editions of important literary and non-literarytexts from the Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom, including the Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor, the Report of Wenamun, a selection of Late Ramesside Letters, and many others.

  • Hieratistik:

    A new site maintained by Guttenburg University in Mainz, a portal to a long-term project to develop a "digital paleography and systematic analysis of hieratic and cursive hieroglyphs." The project is funded for 24 years! But the site includes links to other websites that deal with hieratic, including abnormal hieratic.

  • Ramses On-Line:

    A web interface that gives accesz to part of the content and funtionality of an annotated corpus of Late Egyptian texts developed at the University of Liege. The beta-version is in French but the final version will be searchable in French and English.

On-line Dictionaries

  • A Coptic Dictionary:
    A searchable, on-line version of W.E. Crum’s A Coptic Dictionary; still the definitive Coptic dictionary despite being published in 1939.
  • The Chicago Demotic Dictionary:
    The most current lexicographical tool for Demotic. From the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
  • Demotische Wortliste online:
    An advanced tool for searching for words in Demotic texts. Interface is in German.
  • Woerterbuch der Aegyptischen Sprache:

    A .pdf version of the Woerterbuch, still the most comprehensive dictionary of the ancient Egyptian language (multiple .pdf's).

On-line Journals, Bibliographies and Other E-publications

  • Online Egyptological Bibliography:

    A comprehensive, searchable bibliography of Egyptological publications dationg back to the Nineteenth Century. Requires subscription; available from Indiana University computers.

  • JSTOR:
    Indiana University and most other major research universities have access to JSTOR, a repository of on-line journals that are freely available to students and faculty of subscribing institutions. A number of journals that are completely or substantially devoted to Egyptology are available through JSTOR, including the Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE), the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (JEA), Archiv für Orientforschung (mostly in German); Journal of Near Eastern Studies (JNES), Near Eastern Archaeology (NEA). JSTOR can be globally searched by key word. Or, if you have a specific reference to an article from a journal that is part of the JSTOR collection, you can browse individual issues of the various journal titles. Requires subscriptions.
  • E-Journals and Digitized Paper Periodicals:
    A portal that includes links to many journals or series on-line.
  • Oriental Institute Publications:
    Many of the publications of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago are available as free downloadable .pdf files.
  • Checklist of Editions of Greek, Latin, Demotic, and Coptic Papyri, Ostraca, and Tablets:

    The standard source for abbreviations for papyrological resources. Crucial for tracking down references in publications where these abbreviations may be included without further explanation, and also for standardizing references in new publications.

  • Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire:

    The Egyptologists Electronic Forum has posted links to many of the volumes of the Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire:, the main catalog of the collection of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Many of the volumes are very old but the catalog remains indispensable for studying objects in Cairo and for parallel objects in other collections.

  • Digital Copies of the Publications of the Egyptian expeditions of Champollion and Rosellini:

    From Oxford University, these are electronic scans of the early-19th century expedition publications of Jean-Francois Champollion and Ippolito Rosellini, the earliest expeditions to Egypt by individuals who could read Egyptian inscriptions. Extremely important for the history of Egyptology, but still useful for the study of the sites that they visited, since much has been destroyed since these volumes were published.

  • Egyptology Books and Articles in PDF Online:

    From the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology at the University of Memphis, a good source for links to scholarly articles and books in all aspects of Egyptology.

  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

    A comprehensive encyclopedia with general articles and further bibliography on every aspect of ancient Egypt. Requires Indiana University log-in.

Images and Archaeology

  • Osirisnet:
    A great source for images and information on tombs throughout Egypt, constantly updated.
  • Digital Karnak:
    A great source of plans, maps, photos and videos of the great temple of Amun at Karnak. From UCLA.
  • The Theban Mapping Project:
    A great source of plans, maps, photos and videos of the royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings.
  • Topographical Bibliography (Porter-Moss):

    Long the standard source for bibliographic information on inscribed temples, tombs and statues from all locations in Egypt, the original Topographical Bibliography of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texs, Reliefs, and Paintings edited by Bertha Porter and Rosalind Moss, is now available in searchable .pdf files. The Griffith Institute at Oxford University is also transitioning the entire project to digital format; test projects are also available at this website.

  • Tombs of Deir el-Medinah: Photographic Coverage:

    A very extensive, searchable database of photos and plans of New Kingdom tombs at Deir el-Medinah. Interface is in French.

  • The Amarna Project:

    Website of the British Amarna expedition.

  • Karnak Cachette:

    A searchable database of photos of the many statues discovered in the Karnak "cachette."

  • South Asasif Conservation Project:

    An interesting project to restore some important tombs in the Asasif (Luxor west bank). Includes a separate blog with regular updates on project developments.

  • GIS Center Egypt

    The website of the Geographic Information System of the Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities. The system contains maps and other data with information for the exact location, legal status, archaeological contents, and current threats for all known archaeological sites in Egypt.

  • Slide Library of Ariel Kozloff Brodkey

    An extensive, searchable slide library of Egyptian art and architecture compiled by Arielle Kozloff Brodkey, a distinguished historian of Egyptian art, and former curator of ancient art in the Cleveland Museum of Art.

  • Meketre Scene Repository

    A searchable database of Middle Kingdom images maintained by the Institute of Egyptology at the University of Vienna (interface is in English). Users are invited to upload their own Middle Kingdom images, as well. There is also a substantial bibliographical database available.

Discussion Forums and Electronic Newsletters

  • The Egyptologists’ Electronic Forum:

    A moderated discussion list that is contributed to by many professional Egyptologists and advanced students. A great place to get questions answered or to get ideas and news about current research and current events in Egyptology and Egypt generally.

  • The Ancient World Online:

    A regular electronic newsletter that provides links to on-line resources covering all aspects of the ancient worlds, particularly open-source journals and other electronic publications. Many Egyptological resources are available.

  • PAPY:

    A list devoted to the discussion of Greek, Latin, Coptic, Demotic and Arabic papyrology.

Dates and Chronology

  • Data Converter for Ancient Egypt:
    A tool for converting dates from the later periods of Egyptian history as expressed in Egyptian terms into modern Gregorian dates.

Educational Resources

  • Digital Egypt for Universities:

    A site maintained by the Egyptology program at University College London with numerous images, maps and chronologies.

Organizations and Blogs

Other Websites that Aggregate Egyptological Resources

  • Propylaeum:

    A comprehensive portal to many different sub-disciplines in ancient Near Eastern studies, including Egyptology; interface is in German.

  • UCLA Library guide to the Ancient Near East and Egypt

    Extensive list of sites to with images of, and metadata for, art, artifacts and monuments from the ancient Near East and Egypt. Some resources are freely available, others are subscription services.