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The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC) at Indiana University – Bloomington has offered a special Master of Arts track in Egyptology since December of 2013. Students who choose to pursue a Masters in Egyptology at Indiana University will receive an introduction to the Egyptian language and its scripts – hieroglyphic, hieratic and Demotic – that is unusually comprehensive at the MA level. Graduate-level Egyptology courses can also be used to fulfil Ph.D. minor requirements, including those of NELC and of Ancient Studies.

Undergraduates may use courses in Egyptian language to fulfill the language requirement of the undergraduate degree in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. All undergraduate Egyptology courses towards their NELC degree requirements. All Egyptian history, civilization and language courses also fulfill College of Arts and Sciences (CASE) and General Education distribution requirements, including the CASE foreign language requirement.

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News in egyptology

Possible evidence of a new, hidden chamber in the tomb of King Tut has been discovered. Read more about it at National Geographic Online.

Google Street View now has images of Egyptian monuments. Read more at Archaeology Magazine.

Archaeologists in Sudan have discovered a group of 13,000-year-old skeletons of people evidently killed by archers -- the first evidence of warfare in history. Read more at Archaeology Magazine.

ISIS in Iraq is a growing danger to ancient Mesopotamian archaeological sites and museums in the areas they control. Read more at the Daily Beast.

Looting of archaeological sites in Egypt is nearly out of control. Read more at National Geographic Daily News.



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